Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thing 7 - Web 2.0 Communication Tools

1. E-mail.
Many times e-mail is a time drain for me. I enjoyed the productivity hints and will "try" to implement at least one of them this fall. But I have to confess, I am hooked!

2. IM
We use IM at the Reference Desk and we debated long and hard about its use and what hours to offer it. Use has increased each year. I use GoogleChat at home with my kids. But it has not become a regular part of my work day yet. I find I still much prefer walking to a colleague's office to talk face-to-face than to IMing.

3. Text Messaging
Although I see that text messaging is the way the college students prefer to communicate, I don't see it as a critical service to what I do in the library. Last year I ran into "issues" with a student text-messaging while I was presenting to a class. In fact, one of the faculty members on campus is not going to permit students to have their cell phones on (or in sight?) during class. We'll have to have some discussions about that in connection with our library classes.

4. Web Conferencing
I've attended a number of Minitex Webinars that were good. I think the most useful webinars that we've hosted in our library have been the ones dealing with library training. While a number of us watch together, we can ask questions of the leader and help each other understand, rather than trying to figure out in isolation in your office.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thing 6 - Image Generator

Image hosted @

Image hosted @

WOW! I can't wait until our next author visits Concordia College! Trading cards with the author's picture and information about him, and a trading card for each of the books with a short description.

Thing 5 - (again) More Flickr Fun

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It would be very easy to waste a lot of time here. But as I looked through the different mashups, I did see lots of potential for our Library Marketing committee. We have a "brand" already selected, so adding that with some other graphic to a poster or a "magazine cover" might be one way to get our image to the public through the wallpaper on our computer desktops. We know that we quit paying attention to signs, notices, etc., if they aren't changed often. Using the Flickr apps would be a way to use our own brand, yet change the way that it's presented - thus preventing it from getting stale.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thing 5 - more Flickr

My creation
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Flickr has some great apps. I have lots of cute pictures - what fun!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thing 4 - Flickr

I had fun exploring Flickr and looking for pictures of places I've visited. Cradle Mountain in Tasmania was an incredible sight and I was thrilled to find such a great picture of the Boat Shed that we hiked past. I will have fun taking pictures in the library to add some "live" shots to put in my Blog. When our kids were in Australia last year, they created a blog for friends and family to "follow" their adventures - what great fun seeing them in their new setting!